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Dan Clark

Program Coordinator:

Ashley Kent

Local Government Center

Technical Assistance for Local Governments

The Local Government Center responds to municipal and county requests for on-site technical assistance by developing durable solutions to local problems. Rather than "single shot" consultations, the Center offers technical assistance designed to strengthen the capacity of the local governments to solve their own problems. The breadth of the Center's technical assistance is considerable and continues to expand to meet the changing needs of Montana's local government:

Personnel Management Assistance Program providing direct assistance to tribal, county and municipal governments in employee recruitment, screening and selection, performance appraisal, and personnel management policies.

Financial Management Program assisting the smaller units of local government in budgeting and monitoring their changing financial circumstances.

Government Organization and Administration providing direct assistance to local governments and elected study commissions in the formulation of recommendations to strengthen governmental structures and processes with particular emphasis on management audits, organization analysis and community needs assessment.

Surveys in collaboration with Steven Swinford PhD., preparing, distributing, and analyzing data for the benefit of Montana's local governments.

Charter Preparation in support of Local Government Review Study Commissions and local officials seeking to acquire self-governing powers for their unit of county or municipal government.

County Commissioner Redistricting is availabile upon request.