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Dan Clark

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Ashley Kent

Local Government Center


Part of the Local Government Center's mission is to ". . . provide training, technical assistance, and research to local officials" (20-25-237, MCA). In response to this mandate, we offer the following services:


TrainingWe offer one-time and recurring seminars, workshops, and professional certification programs to city and county elected officials and local government practitioners. Our services range from developing one-time presentations on topics of interest to administering multi-day, annual programs. We charge reasonable rates and customizable services. Learn more about our training programs.

Technical Assistance

#The Local Government Center responds to municipal and county requests for on-site technical assistance by developing durable solutions to local problems. Rather than "single shot" consultations, the Center offers technical assistance designed to strengthen the capacity of the local governments to solve their own problems. Read more about how we help cities, counties, and tribes govern more effectively.

Applied Policy Research

Applied Policy ResearchAn important outcome of the Center's direct involvement with Montana's county and municipal governments has been the accumulation of experience and information about the critical issues facing small communities and their governments. We use the resulting perspective to help guide our applied research program. Learn more about how we're addressing the real and immediate needs of Montana's local governments and the communities they serve.